Friday, August 26, 2011

K’s Bus Points

Posted by K

You may have noticed "K’s Bus Points" on the left side of this blog. 

Born out of my slow mental breakdown due to a ridiculously long bus commute, I’ve decided to create Bus points (patent pending). I’m keeping track of all the time I spend riding the bus, and waiting for the bus. Every time I hit 100 hours I get a prize. What’s the first prize I choose? A new pair of boots. 

Note: I’m adding bonus time when I have to look at something gross on the bus. And I guess to make it even I’ll deduct time when I have a really great experience on the bus (hahaha). Just kidding, there are some very nice bus drivers out there, it’s more the overall length and wait that drive me nutso.

I’m thinking +5 min. per gross thing, -5 min. per good experience.

Who will break first: me or the bus? Probably me... which will almost certainly involve profanity. Let the games begin.