Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Trip a little, Talk a little

Posted by M

I've done quite a bit of travelling across Canada this summer. It's been a fabulous time, with lots of ups and downs (The Rockies...haha, I made a funny), tons of good food (waiting in line for 40 mins for fish and chips in Victoria is ABSOLUTELY worth it!), and the best company (it's truly amazing my husband didn't throttle me after so many days in our car with me singing). During my time in the Canadian West and the American North, I have learned many a good tip for the hopeful traveller. Here are just a few of those tips:

1. Tim Horton's is the BESTEST coffee shop in the world.
          In Canada, nothing gets you going like a double double:
Pre-coffee M is not pretty. And incoherently whiney.

The post-coffee M is equally unbearable, but ready to carpe my diem, baby!

          In the States, don't even THINK about asking for a double double.
Every American coffee shop. Except Dunkin Donuts, but good bloody luck finding one of them right off the highway!

I think I finally understand the term 'swill'. And it was like $4. Le sigh.

2. Some American's seem to have a tendency to overreact. They are very kind, but very loud.

In a North Dakota Subway washroom:
Ok, the door was definitely locked, but apparently the door is broken.
Literally every person in the restaurant thought she'd seen a heck of a lot more than she had. Walk of shame from the bathroom!
3. You should always camp with a loved one, especially when the weather is below freezing.
I quite easily would have stayed there for another two hours.

Tent down, me out of the tent, and car on the road. Be still my beating heart!
Happy travelling!