Saturday, January 28, 2012

Hide and Seek Ninjas

Posted by K

Hide and Seek Ninjas is a very simple game.

You pick up a bag of ninjas (usually can be found at the dollar store, or party packagers) and hide them around your house. Then wait and see how long it takes for people to notice them.

The players

The trick is finding good hiding places, because we all know ninjas are masters of camouflage.

Nun-chucks make the best Q-tips

balance is key to the ninja lifestyle.

Fat-free, but not ninja free.

Find a location where they blend in, but that's out in the open to give unsuspecting housemates a fighting chance of spotting them.

Then sit back and wait for the fun to begin. The winner is the one who isn't found...but really, everybody wins. Because they get a dose of ninja in their lives.

I'm glad there's only 4, because I was definitely running out of cheesy photo captions.

UPDATE: Yellow Dude has already been found. I guess banana-flage was less effective than I'd hoped.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Quote of the Week 2:

One thing about cats: they can't sue you for using their image without their permission. This is for my headphones Quincy.

Advice I pretty much agree with. If you can't get it done in three tries it probably isn't going to happen. If I'd know this advice I wouldn't have tried to finish reading the epilogue of "Lord of the Rings" so many times. When you can only get 10 pages in before getting a headache it's probably a sign.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Making Winter Fun Again : Ferdy style.

Posted by K 

What is the definition of an awesome Mom?

One who hand-knits a complete winter outfit for my plastic skeleton just to make me laugh :

Officially the most photogenic plastic skeleton in the world, complete with matching hat and booties.

I know I said that his furry Halloween sweater was epic, but this is a whole new level of legendary. Ferdy has returned: better, stronger, cuter. Now with more reindeer sweater.

Artistic Tree Shot
And yes, these pictures were taking in public. Surprisingly, no one asked what I was doing. Maybe because I was taking photos (Austin Powers-like) of a skeleton wearing mittens...

My suggestion for beating the mid-winter blues is to do something completely frivolous or ridiculous, like watching Beauty and the Beast with a bottle of wine, or drawing "ouch!" on your band-aids (the world should know how much it hurts).

Then whenever you start to get depressed (for example, standing outside in the dark when it's -27 degrees Celsius waiting for a bus) you can think "Guess what I did this weekend? Skeleton photo shoot." Guaranteed mood-lifter. Having a great Mom definitely helps :)

I was going to try to make him a pile of snowballs for cool pictures, but I was pretty tired after throwing him up a tree.

For other (perhaps more normal) ideas for beating the winter blues visit HERE

Friday, January 20, 2012

Master of Alternative Money-Saving Techniques

Posted by K

This year I've decided to become a "master of alternative money-saving techniques" (not a resolution, more a post-Christmas, "damn-I-have-no-money" thing) . So, as someone with massive debt and poor spending habits, you might be wondering what makes me qualified to be a "master of alternative money-saving techniques". The answer is, because I made that term up.

I've already saved myself $12 by deciding not to see "Man on a Ledge": a movie about a man on a ledge. Tough decision, but I think it will pay off. Geddit?

Idea #1: Moneygami

Whoever came up with the idea of making money into origami is a genius. It's the perfect way to force yourself to save money! First, if you spend all that time folding it, you aren't going to rush into spending it. It would be like dying a little inside every time you unfold a $10 money-dolphin which took you 3 hours to make.

Here is my first effort:

Money Crane! So maybe not a masterpiece.

 Secondly, if you're good at moneygami (unlike me), maybe people will appreciate it as art, and give you more money for it! It's like an investment, which is pretty adult-sounding for something that involves folding money into dinosaurs.

The only downside I've found so far is that people are inclined to steal moneygami. They're all "Oh, that's so pretty, can I see it?" then you turn your back and the money-crane is gone. Moneygami also seems to attract cat attacks. No matter how far away I moved the crane Quincy found it and tried to eat it. That cat has expensive tastes. On the whole though, I think the pros outweigh the cons.

Bonus: if you shape your bills like animals, it will be like your $ is judging you every time you open your wallet and try to spend it:

Feel the judgement

For actually good moneygami check out this awesome website.

Monday, January 16, 2012

K's Response Countdown: Sad, sad conclusion.

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In the interest of wrapping up old business and starting fresh, I'm going to conclude the story of my quest for a response about my awful bus service.

The fact is, all these responses came before December, and (besides twice when the bus actually showed up on time) nothing has improved. It's pretty depressing, but I'm going to power through it so I can remove the countdown and move on.

Below are the (highly paraphrased) answers I received.

Councillor Response, after 11 days and 2 e-mails: "It's out of my hands, you should keep complaining to OC Transpo, stop e-mailing me."

Mayor Response, after 6 days (technically 4 business days): "I'm always happy to get feedback (hahaha), I will forward your concerns to OC Transpo."

Shockingly, after the mayor forwarded my complaint letter, OC Transpo got back to me within the same day (I guess it's good to be the mayor). Which brings us to:

OC Transpo Response, after 20 days and over 50 complaints: "Yes, you are correct that the bus hasn't been running on time, we are concerned about this and will try to address it. It may take awhile, as all our bus routes are screwed. In the meantime, here is a ridiculously long explanation about why the old bus service wasn't sustainable..." Which is hilarious, since I specifically put in my letter that I wasn't complaining about the changes to the bus service, only that they weren't actually following their new schedule.

At that point my head exploded, and I stopped sending complaints because it's hard to type without a head.

Anyway, as this was more sad than funny, here's clipart of a skateboarding mouse:


Thursday, January 12, 2012


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A New Year!

Perhaps the last year ever, if you believe the apocalypse talk. I didn't, until I saw a show called "Bridalplasty" : where women complete to win plastic surgery to make them the "perfect" bride in time for their wedding. Seriously, the end is nigh.

Also a sign of imminent doom? Yesterday after work I caught the bus home (as usual) and it was only 3 minutes late. That's practically early in OC Transpo standards. I guess at least if the world ends I have a chance of arriving on time now.

In an effort to have a more positive outlook this year, I'm going to start posting inspirational sayings...

...Then ridiculing them, because "being less petty" didn't make it on my New Year's resolution list. In fact, nothing made it on my New Year's resolution list this year. So I've already won, hahahaha!

Quote of the week:

It's a beach! I don't know why, but inspirational posters always have beaches.

I disagree Mr. Baruch. My proof? How about the time I was at Wendy's and complained that my cheeseburger took 20 minutes to arrive? I got a free Frosty. Bellyaching is delicious, Bernard. Delicious.