Monday, January 16, 2012

K's Response Countdown: Sad, sad conclusion.

Posted by K

In the interest of wrapping up old business and starting fresh, I'm going to conclude the story of my quest for a response about my awful bus service.

The fact is, all these responses came before December, and (besides twice when the bus actually showed up on time) nothing has improved. It's pretty depressing, but I'm going to power through it so I can remove the countdown and move on.

Below are the (highly paraphrased) answers I received.

Councillor Response, after 11 days and 2 e-mails: "It's out of my hands, you should keep complaining to OC Transpo, stop e-mailing me."

Mayor Response, after 6 days (technically 4 business days): "I'm always happy to get feedback (hahaha), I will forward your concerns to OC Transpo."

Shockingly, after the mayor forwarded my complaint letter, OC Transpo got back to me within the same day (I guess it's good to be the mayor). Which brings us to:

OC Transpo Response, after 20 days and over 50 complaints: "Yes, you are correct that the bus hasn't been running on time, we are concerned about this and will try to address it. It may take awhile, as all our bus routes are screwed. In the meantime, here is a ridiculously long explanation about why the old bus service wasn't sustainable..." Which is hilarious, since I specifically put in my letter that I wasn't complaining about the changes to the bus service, only that they weren't actually following their new schedule.

At that point my head exploded, and I stopped sending complaints because it's hard to type without a head.

Anyway, as this was more sad than funny, here's clipart of a skateboarding mouse:


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