Sunday, January 22, 2012

Making Winter Fun Again : Ferdy style.

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What is the definition of an awesome Mom?

One who hand-knits a complete winter outfit for my plastic skeleton just to make me laugh :

Officially the most photogenic plastic skeleton in the world, complete with matching hat and booties.

I know I said that his furry Halloween sweater was epic, but this is a whole new level of legendary. Ferdy has returned: better, stronger, cuter. Now with more reindeer sweater.

Artistic Tree Shot
And yes, these pictures were taking in public. Surprisingly, no one asked what I was doing. Maybe because I was taking photos (Austin Powers-like) of a skeleton wearing mittens...

My suggestion for beating the mid-winter blues is to do something completely frivolous or ridiculous, like watching Beauty and the Beast with a bottle of wine, or drawing "ouch!" on your band-aids (the world should know how much it hurts).

Then whenever you start to get depressed (for example, standing outside in the dark when it's -27 degrees Celsius waiting for a bus) you can think "Guess what I did this weekend? Skeleton photo shoot." Guaranteed mood-lifter. Having a great Mom definitely helps :)

I was going to try to make him a pile of snowballs for cool pictures, but I was pretty tired after throwing him up a tree.

For other (perhaps more normal) ideas for beating the winter blues visit HERE

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  1. This is just awesome! So totally my sort of 'snowman'.

    Thank-you so much for coming to my "Beat the Winter Blues" party. I hope you'll be back next week while we continue to grow :-)