Saturday, January 28, 2012

Hide and Seek Ninjas

Posted by K

Hide and Seek Ninjas is a very simple game.

You pick up a bag of ninjas (usually can be found at the dollar store, or party packagers) and hide them around your house. Then wait and see how long it takes for people to notice them.

The players

The trick is finding good hiding places, because we all know ninjas are masters of camouflage.

Nun-chucks make the best Q-tips

balance is key to the ninja lifestyle.

Fat-free, but not ninja free.

Find a location where they blend in, but that's out in the open to give unsuspecting housemates a fighting chance of spotting them.

Then sit back and wait for the fun to begin. The winner is the one who isn't found...but really, everybody wins. Because they get a dose of ninja in their lives.

I'm glad there's only 4, because I was definitely running out of cheesy photo captions.

UPDATE: Yellow Dude has already been found. I guess banana-flage was less effective than I'd hoped.

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