Friday, January 20, 2012

Master of Alternative Money-Saving Techniques

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This year I've decided to become a "master of alternative money-saving techniques" (not a resolution, more a post-Christmas, "damn-I-have-no-money" thing) . So, as someone with massive debt and poor spending habits, you might be wondering what makes me qualified to be a "master of alternative money-saving techniques". The answer is, because I made that term up.

I've already saved myself $12 by deciding not to see "Man on a Ledge": a movie about a man on a ledge. Tough decision, but I think it will pay off. Geddit?

Idea #1: Moneygami

Whoever came up with the idea of making money into origami is a genius. It's the perfect way to force yourself to save money! First, if you spend all that time folding it, you aren't going to rush into spending it. It would be like dying a little inside every time you unfold a $10 money-dolphin which took you 3 hours to make.

Here is my first effort:

Money Crane! So maybe not a masterpiece.

 Secondly, if you're good at moneygami (unlike me), maybe people will appreciate it as art, and give you more money for it! It's like an investment, which is pretty adult-sounding for something that involves folding money into dinosaurs.

The only downside I've found so far is that people are inclined to steal moneygami. They're all "Oh, that's so pretty, can I see it?" then you turn your back and the money-crane is gone. Moneygami also seems to attract cat attacks. No matter how far away I moved the crane Quincy found it and tried to eat it. That cat has expensive tastes. On the whole though, I think the pros outweigh the cons.

Bonus: if you shape your bills like animals, it will be like your $ is judging you every time you open your wallet and try to spend it:

Feel the judgement

For actually good moneygami check out this awesome website.

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