About Us / About Our Blog

What is our blog about?

That is a very good question. It's gone from a blog about crafts, to a rant about buses, to a blog about dealing with stress, to a mix of all three, that for some reason has pictures of a plastic skeleton wearing cute sweaters.

I'm not going to say that it's a blog about nothing, mainly because that's probably Seinfeld copyright infringement, but I think it's hard to define. It's about our lives, things we think are funny, things that stress us out, and lessons we've learned. This blog won't be the most popular on the internet, but if it makes some of our friends laugh, we're cool with it :)

The Writers:

K :

A 26 year old with massive school debt, a deep-seated fear of computer viruses and a really sucky work commute. She currently has $33 212 fake dollars in an ipod Klondike game and an addiction to Criminal Minds.
Preparing for Klondike at a young age...

M :

A slightly OCD 26 year old (she once organized 200 DVDs in alphabetical order), who has an alarming tendency of accidentally killing houseplants. She hearts Jane Austen, always sings in the car, is both easily stressed out and very gullible.

Yep, that face just SCREAMS gullible.