Thursday, January 12, 2012


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A New Year!

Perhaps the last year ever, if you believe the apocalypse talk. I didn't, until I saw a show called "Bridalplasty" : where women complete to win plastic surgery to make them the "perfect" bride in time for their wedding. Seriously, the end is nigh.

Also a sign of imminent doom? Yesterday after work I caught the bus home (as usual) and it was only 3 minutes late. That's practically early in OC Transpo standards. I guess at least if the world ends I have a chance of arriving on time now.

In an effort to have a more positive outlook this year, I'm going to start posting inspirational sayings...

...Then ridiculing them, because "being less petty" didn't make it on my New Year's resolution list. In fact, nothing made it on my New Year's resolution list this year. So I've already won, hahahaha!

Quote of the week:

It's a beach! I don't know why, but inspirational posters always have beaches.

I disagree Mr. Baruch. My proof? How about the time I was at Wendy's and complained that my cheeseburger took 20 minutes to arrive? I got a free Frosty. Bellyaching is delicious, Bernard. Delicious.

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