Saturday, December 24, 2011

Ipod Battle: Update

Posted by K

Played: 268 Won: 117

Hahaha ipod. I have improved my win percentage from 22% to 43% in a couple weeks. If this was poker I'd totally have a sponsor deal by now. Where I wear dark sunglasses and make a commercial about how easy and free it is to play. Apple should definitely get on it.

I'm also at $23 074 in fake ipod money. I've decided to save it. I want to be able to be a fake-millionaire. It will take a while, but that's something I really want to sign my e-mails with:

Fake Millionaire: $1, 020, 027 and counting...

Best part? When you win, the four king cards give you the wave:

Hard to see, but they're totally giving me the wave. With applause in the background. I'm a hero.

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