Saturday, January 17, 2015

DIY Bangs - what I've learned

Posted by K  

I think I mentioned before, probably about a year ago I started growing my hair out, mainly as part of my cost savings exercise (I love me some short hair but that is $$ to maintain!). I also stopped dying it red (they discontinued my colour :(  ) but I'm going to keep drawing it red for clarity's sake between me and M.

This summer my hair reached that 'slightly past a bob but still awkward to put up' stage, and I was not loving it. I was bored.

I decided to go with what they call a "blunt" bang as it sounded straight forward. I conducted thorough research (i.e. googled 'blunt bang' in images), picked a couple of pictures to put on my phone and pretty much went for it.


I grabbed the scissors and had at it!! Of course what my extensive planning didn't take into account is the fact I have fine/thin hair.

I kept adding more hair to make it look less stupid, but I still wasn't sold.

You know that panicked feeling when you start doing something without thinking about it, and then realize you're have to go all in to fix it? It was like that. I kept quizzing friends and family: "should I add more? Does it look too short? Should there be more short stuff on the sides??"
M suggested I add a bit more, but to make sure I stop after that. I half-listened,

It became a bit of an obsession. Everytime I washed my hair I'd keep adding more. The bangs were like quicksand...except on my face.

I finally reached a point where I felt I had achieved the 'blunt' bangs I wanted. The downside is they literally take up half my hair, I kid you not, when I turn sideways they are half my head.

Le sigh.

Oh well. I definitely like them, and I guess that means less hair to deal with! I have started to limit myself so I don't get into mullet madness territory. The struggle is real. And it's on my head.

So definitely a cautionary tale to people with thin hair, but you can get there if you COMMIT!!


  1. Hey there, hair stylist!

    I remember when your mother had bangs as a kid that started at the back of her head and came forward. And she had THICK HAIR! I think our older sister did it to her, but your mother was too young to see her whole head, so she had no reason to not be happy with the haircut.

    A neighbor girl asked me to give her bangs when I was about 16. She wanted them hanging in her eyes. Her mother said make them very, very short. So I compromised. It was really hard to create bangs where none were before, so I feel your pain. By the time I finished with her head, I was sick. The girl was mad (too short for her eyes), but the mom was delighted. Of course, the girl grew the bangs until they were hanging down to her nose, and she got what she wanted after all. I never tried that again!

    P.S. I just trimmed my hair today. It's sticking out all over. Gotta love it. Great post and love the pictures, keep it up! :D

  2. It never turns out the way you want it to :/