Monday, December 03, 2012

Baggy Pants : Crafty Conspiracy or Poorly Designed Fashion Choice?

Posted by K 

I'm starting to wonder if the "baggy pants" fashion was created by really clever people in law enforcement. Seriously, in the last 5 episodes of COPS I've seen, there has been at least one guy attempting to flee arrest only to get tripped up by his pants.

And then they have the added fun of being handcuffed with their colourful boxers on display. Pretty freaking embarrassing. Makes me wonder why they agreed to have their face shown on tv. One of life's little mysteries I guess.

These random thoughts are brought to you by the guy in front of me at the bus station who made a run for the 95 only to have his pants take a bit of a dive. Logging that in the "images to be scrubbed from my brain" category.

I don't really feel like drawing this image right now (it was traumatizing enough in person), so instead, here is a drawing of Kirby using only computer symbols:

< ( ' ' )>

Someone showed me that in high school, and I was like "my mind is blown!!". That was back in the days before we had the wide range of emoticons available today. When you instant messaged someone with a sarcastic comment you had to write "(sarcasm)" after it to make sure they didn't take you seriously. I had more misunderstandings over such things than I care to mention.

p. s.

@-->--   It's a rose!!

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