Sunday, December 23, 2012

Quincy the Cat: Mountain Climber

Apparently life has been a little boring for Quincy the cat lately. The toy mouse chasing and escaping into the garage has lost it's charm.

At least that's what I assume, since he's taken up a new hobby; mountain climbing.

Of course, being an indoor cat, his access to real mountains is kind of limited. So he has settled for using his imagination and various high things.

1 week ago:

I woke up to a weird noise. Already suspicious, I turned on my beside light to find this scene:

He was actually trying to jump on top of a 6 foot book shelf. I said "think about what you're doing, Quincy." But he just stared at me while balancing on the desk. I think he knew he'd bit off more than he could chew though, since he stood there for 3 minutes until I got up and helped him down.

3 days ago:

I woke up at 1 am to find Quincy balancing on my hips and looking about as pleased as if he'd climbed Everest. Which I find really insulting. My hips are not that big, Quincy.

Last night:

We were watching "Home Alone 2" to get in the Christmas spirit. Quincy was wandering around, but he wasn't getting into too much trouble so I wasn't paying attention. I guess that was my mistake.

1 minute later:

Sigh. I tried threatening to take away his Christmas present (It's a cat tent I found at the Dollar Store), but he doesn't seem to care. He will once he plays in it though. It's totally awesome.

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