Thursday, May 02, 2013

New posts coming soon!

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Many apologies for the lack of posts recently, we are hoping to present you with some hilarious, Paint illustrated stories soon!

Upcoming stories include M discussing the decay of modern society (at least that's how I describe it, she may say something "less heavy"), me finally adding up my bus hours (which I haven't tallied since 2012...yikes), and probably a Quincy the cat video (if I can figure out how to work this blogger thingy). The point being you will be glad you kept reading! Trust us! I promise!

Who couldn't trust these faces?

While we're on the subject of random segways (okay, we weren't on that topic. but it's ironic. Deal with it), now that the weather has gotten hot again, I'd like to give a shout out to all my fellow allergy sufferers. While the rest of the city is all "WOOHOO! Shorts weather!" we're all walking around like "I want to go live in a bubble so my eyes stop itching for 2 seconds". I see those glares on the buses. They need to make Kleenex that has "ALLERGIES" written in big letters, so whenever I blow my nose people don't think I have the plague.

This morning after I checked the weather, I decided to see what the weekend has in store Allergy-wise and now I am extremely depressed:

One of my worst allergies (among many) is Birch. I guess they don't call Canada "land of the silver birch" for nothing. It's hard to take in the majesty of the might birch when you can't stop sneezing. Good times.

Anywho, maybe buy your favorite allergy sufferer an iced-cap or something.

Happy Thursday!

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