Friday, August 23, 2013

A brand new level of procrastination

Posted by K 

Alright. So I'm a giant liar and I haven't posted all summer.

What can I say; I suck.


Now that we've got that out of the way, on with the post!

This past month I decided to try a more positive outlook on life. Which is difficult for me because sometimes I feel like the universe has targeted me as some kind of cosmic joke.

Regardless, I've been giving it a shot.

To be honest, it's not gone well. For example, last Wednesday I started my morning like "This will be the bestest day ever!" Then my shoes literally disintegrated on my way into work and I was back to "this sucks out loud".
Anywho, we persevere.

Since it's been awhile, here are some updates from my summer:
  • I've reached 190 lunchmate points, which means I only need 60 more until I get a free movie. Aw yeaaah.
  • They've discontinued my red hair dye. I am offically a blond again for the first time in about 10 years.
Feel free to post all your 'dumb blonde' jokes in the comments. Get it out of your system. Because if you say one to my face I will light you on fire.

Okay. That was pretty negative. Now I have to post something positive to outweigh it...

Nailed it.

I'm actually liking the blonde now, plus I save the $$ on hair dye. Don't worry though. For the sake of clarity I'm continuing to draw myself with red hair. That way you can tell M and me apart. We are twins, you know. It would be extra difficult to tell us apart now, what with the same colour hair and all. And the fact that there are no facial features on our drawings.

But it's mostly the twin thing.

I'm hoping to post more about my summer, I won't make any promises though, because apparently I have no follow-through. Or maybe I just don't like rules. I'm sticking it to the man! Which in this case is me.

hmmm. I'm starting to see why the universe may want to mess with me. 

Anyway, have great Fridays!!

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