Sunday, September 01, 2013

Bus Points update

Posted by K

Today I did something I've been putting off for 8 months.

I tallied up my bus hours. And let me tell you, it was DEPRESSING.
Also, surprisingly math-filled.

I had to sit down with 2 different agendas (2012 and 2013) and a calculator. And when I lost count of the total days for the third time I switched to using Excel. I even used a formula I remembered from university, which was freaking impressive (I think).

Just in case anyone doubts my commitment to an accurate time count, here is a screen shot of my various calculations:

Complicated eh? All those numbers and columns. And rows.

And all this on a Saturday!

Anyway, as you can see on the left, I have crossed the thousand hour mark. If my math is correct, that is the equivalent of over 50 days.

Holy cow. I am not going to think about that one too much, or I may start screaming. Can that be right? If anyone finds a flaw in my math please let me know, I would be really happy to know that I did not waste a month and a half on the bus. Please.

In other (much happier) news, I passed my G2 Drive test this week!!!!!! For those unfamiliar with Canadian driving, there is a 3 grade system to get your licence, G1 (written test), G2 (driving test), G (highway exit test). I have written (and passed) the G1 3 times, it lasts for 5 years and has always expired before I tried my driving test.
You may be asking why it took so long. That, my friends, is a story for another day.

Actually, now that I think about it, it's not that long: I didn't have $ for the driving lessons at 17, so I put it off, and basically that procrastination saw me through to this year, where I rewrote, then my brother-in-law was like "book your driving test, I'll take you driving", and a bunch of awesome people let me drive their cars for a month (which was very trusting/nice) and now I've finally passed! Yays!

Which brings me to my new goal: Stop before I live another 50 days on the bus :S

Or, in a more festive way:


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