Friday, November 04, 2011

Indications that it's time to rethink your life:

Posted by K

  1. A "good commute" is a day when you don't get hit in the head by a backpack or elbow.
  2. A "fun treat" is speed walking for 30 minutes to pick up a sub for lunch.
  3. You're happy when the bus driver has to pull over to report a guy smoking crack to the police, because at least cocaine-guy was in the car next to the bus rather than on the bus.
    • Then you're angry, because someone smoking crack clearly has a driver's license and you still don't.
    1. You name the plant sitting on your desk.
    2. You take the plant on your desk (Phoebe) home, because you feel guilty that it's been stuck at work its whole life.
    3. A bad week is justification for buying yet another season of Criminal Minds. Seriously. I have a problem.
    4. You spent your evening drinking wine while watching "She's all That" and laughing at the 90s fashions.
    5. Even your cat disapproves of your movie choices. (It's a compelling story Quincy, stop judging me.)
    6. You genuinely tried to win McDonald's Monopoly. When will I learn that there is no Boardwalk out there?
    7. You spent WAY to much time entering said monopoly pieces into the internet game, only to lose, like, every single time. I swear if I have to watch "Uncle Pennybags" throw a card and miss the hat one more time I will scream.

    Highpoint? When you realize that despite all this, life could definitely be worse. Besides, Phoebe is clearly happier at home.

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      1. Aw, don't listen to Quincy! She's All That is AWESOME.