Thursday, November 17, 2011

Quincy is trying to kill me.

Posted by K

Monday night I was coming up the stairs from the basement. It was dark. Scary even. There were no lights on when I got to the hallway, but I noticed something weird about the carpet. I flipped on the light to find this:

"I am stealth."

Luckily I keep my camera on a table right near the doorway, or I wouldn't have proof that Quincy is trying to kill me. If it wasn't for the "Where's Waldo"-like tail sticking out I probably wouldn't have seen him in the dark.

Murderous glare

After I took the photos I figured he realized the element of surprise was gone, but he still grabbed my foot as I walked by, and managed to trip me. He has perseverance, I'll give him that.

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  1. AHAHAHAHA, Quincy for the win! I mean, sorry about the trip. :)