Friday, November 02, 2012

Vote update

Okay, so for some reason the poll (which I put up last night) has reset itself. When i went to bed there were 4 votes, but now there is only 1. I googled (yes, that is now a verb) to see if anyone else is having this problem, and apparently it's happening on several blogs. No one has an answer why yet, but hopefully it will be fixed soon!

Anyway, for the sake of fairness (because this is such an important issue I don't want people to think I'm cheating), the votes when I went to bed were 1 yes, 2 no, 1 doesn't care.
I'll try to check the vote at least once a day to keep a semi-accurate tally, so when I win it will be even more glorious :)

If you haven't voted yet (and consequently have no idea what I'm talking about) read the post below and feel free to weigh by voting on the left side of the screen, where the "Bus Points" usually are. Merci and TGIF!

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