Thursday, November 01, 2012

Vote! No, not that vote, a different vote.

Posted by K 


The first vote in Why Is an Orange? history!

This vote is brought to you by my brother-in-law, who insinuated I was crazy for mixing two actresses up and insisting the doctor from Stargate SG-1 (on the left, Teryl Rothery) plays the wicked step-mother on Once Upon a Time (actually played by Lana Parilla on the right).

Yes, I may have mixed them up and insisted I was right, but, in my defense, they look the same. Seriously, they could be twins. And I would know, being a twin myself.

Left - Teryl Rothery from (Stargate SG-1), Right - Lana Parilla (Once Upon a Time)

Anyway, don't let my opinion (correct though it is) sway you, I'm looking for unbiased input to decide the matter. Please vote (on the left side of your screen), the options are:

  • Button #1: Yes, K is correct
  • Button #2: No, K is crazy
  • Button #3: You could care less, but you still want your opinion heard.

The vote is open for 1 week!

p.s.- in case someone thinks I'm cheating, these are the pictures from their IMDb pages, which is totally legit (well, as legit as the internet is...)

p.p.s.- please vote. If no one votes I'll be forced to log-in on various computers around the city and rig the data to make it look like people care, and that victory would just be really hollow. But I'd still count it as a victory.


  1. Thanks for the post K! I’m a long time follower, first time poster. As an impartial bystander (with no skin in the game at it were), I believe there is a significant age difference between these actresses. Rothery is old enough to be Parilla’s mother. Admittedly by choosing such an ancient picture of Rothery you do make the confusion seem a LITTLE less crazy but unfortunately they still don’t look alike. Maybe you could compare pictures from the same decade? Just a thought! Best of luck!

  2. Hi, glad to have a new commenter! We are always happy to have comments on the blog, and I am, of course, glad to respond to your concerns.

    Yes, I realize there is a slight age gap between these actresses, but I would argue that Teryl Rothery has an ageless beauty that can easily compete with someone 15 years her junior. Also, they have the same face.

    However, if, as I suspect, this comment was left by my brother-in-law anonymously, then I respond with the classic: “So’s your face” :p