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K & M Watch a Horror Movie : Paranormal Activity 4

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***Warning, if you have not seen Paranormal Activity 4, there may be spoilers in here. I don't really know, I haven't seen the other three so I'm not sure what "gives away" plot points. Either way, you've been warned!***

Last Friday M, the gang and I went to see Paranormal Activity 4. M is actually a fan of the series, which is odd, because I would not have pegged her as a horror movie fan. We watched The Shining together once and had very different reactions:



Needless to say I'm not a Horror movie fan. Either I'm bored stupid or scared stiff, there isn't really a middle ground. Neither is very enjoyable.

However, it's almost Halloween, so in the spirit of the season, we all agreed to meet at the theater for a viewing of Paranormal Activity 4. I should probably mention I haven't seen any of the other three Paranormal activities, so I wasn't up on the "plot". I wikipedia'd it, which I thought would be good enough to cover the major plot points. Was I ever wrong.

It started out okay, some flashy camera work, but nothing I would consider too scary:

Then suddenly, with the appearance of a brunette woman, the entire audience lost their minds. Seriously, the theater was full of gasping and screaming, and I was sitting there like "What? It looks like a soccer Mom. I don't get it."

That confusion pretty much encompassed my feelings for the entire movie. Apparently brunette lady was possessed, and went after the little boy next door as part of some demon deal...but really there were 2 little boys, but one disappeared before the end... Plus, according to Wikipedia, brunette  possessed lady kidnapped the little boy at the end of the third movie, so how did he end up with another family?? Was it because the demon was too good to change diapers??

After the movie, we met outside the theater to discuss:

Booya. The brother opinion was on my side this time!!

Later that night...

I ended up having a sleepover with M, so we could chill and watch the New Girl tv show that we both find hilarious. Around 11pm I went to sleep in her spare room.




It was Darcy the cat. Not a demon lady. I swear these cats are part of a conspiracy to drive me crazy.

Anyway, I guess the movie was more scary than I originally thought. Point to M.

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