Saturday, October 06, 2012

Giving Thanks

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This Thanksgiving, I find myself reflecting on things for which I am grateful . I also find myself realizing that I have a lot of flaws, and therefore I am more and more thankful to the people who love and tolerate me.

Like recently, I went shopping for Thanksgiving dinner. I was uber excited when I saw this:

For the record, there were no substantial turkey bits missing. Hah, I am a Thanksgiving champion!!

I swiftly reached into the bin, and...

Turkey + floor= some woman behind me snickering. Well excuuuuuse me for not being able to lift 18 lbs.! Yeesh.

So then I decided to tell my turkey saga to a friend.

And that's when I lost control of my tomato...

Apparently tomatoes can really fly.

Classic distraction technique! I am so smart.

So now it's turkey preparing day. Thanks to my fabulous mother, I have lots of clear instructions to follow. To take my mind off cooking for a bit, I decided to do some chores to make the place presentable.

No one should be this happy vacuuming. No one.

Now my stuffing elbow is bruised. Sighs

To me dearest family and friends, all I can say is, THANK YOU, from the bottom of my heart, for putting up with me and ignoring things like tossed legumes and oddly placed bruises. You are all the bestests.

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