Thursday, October 18, 2012

My day so far....

♪One of these days is not like the others ♪

♪One of these days is missing something ♪

♪Can you guess which day is not like the others? ♪

♪One of these days is going to suck! ♪

Have you guess it? That's correct! Thursday has a conspicuous lack of purse!

I somehow managed to leave the house without my purse. How is that even possible? I'm going to blame it on the fact it was 6am, and for some stupid reason I had left my bus pass in my coat (as opposed to my purse), so I didn't even notice the bag was missing until I was sitting on the bus trying to find my radio.

You may ask why I didn't get off the bus when I noticed it missing? (or you may not care, but since this is my blog I figure you've got to have some level of interest. Or you enjoy MS Paint.) I considered it, but then I thought "if I get off this bus, I'll be late for work, then the fact I got up at 5am to be on-time would be pointless! Plus then I'll have to stay late to make up the time, which is going to suck out loud." I just could not accept the fact that it would mean I got up at 5am for nothing.

I talked myself into thinking I could make it through the day without my purse. After all, I had my buspass! AND my coffee. Maybe that would be enough.

But as my ride continued, I slowly realized all the stuff I'd have to make it through the day without:

No cell phone.

No radio. And by extension, no $10 000 if they play the magic song

This is supposed to represent money. I'm too distraught to draw money properly.

Needless to say, it's been a weird day. The bus ride home was rough. It's surprisingly hard to stay awake when I'm not listening intently to the radio. Anyway, I'm reunited with my purse now, so balance is restored!

It's almost Friday people! Time to celebrate!

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