Thursday, October 06, 2011

Quincy Strikes Again.

Posted by K

Two more pairs of headphones have been murdered by this cat:

He looks so freaking smug.

2 days ago, I woke up to find my second backup headphones gruesomely displayed on my bedroom floor. Mangled to death. (And in case you're wondering; yes, I clearly do need to have 2 backup headphones as I'm living with a feline assassin)

Since this pair was mostly-broken already (only one earphone worked) i wasn't too upset about losing them. What concerns me was that they were stored on the back of a shelf a good distance from the ground, and nothing else was knocked off. How could he possibly reach them without knocking everything over? It's the type of question that will keep me up at night.

Then, this morning, I was sitting on the bus trying to listen to my tunes, and nothing was playing. I looked at my ipod, which seemed okay, checked my earpieces: all good. Confused, I followed the headphone cord all the way down until two inches before the end, where there was a single tooth mark cutting through the wire. That is just a really low blow. Now I get to spend my 3 hour daily commute listening to The Sounds of the Bus. Best hits include: high pitched laughter, techno beat from stupid-guy-with-loud-music, and crying baby. Thanks ever so, Quincy.

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  1. This story is heartbreaking. It's worse then getting on the bus with a dead ipod battery because you know the music is playing but you can't hear it!!
    PS I love the blog :) thank you for your entertainment. Also, Quincy is adorable.