Thursday, April 26, 2012

All magic comes with a price...

Posted by K & M

We both love the new television series "Once Upon a Time". Some people say it's predictable. But we say it's a wonderful flashback to childhood classics (Remember Fairytale Theatre? Or when Disney made good movies? We do!), as well as a very good excuse to have a sleepover.

We decided to watch a marathon of episodes (using the magic of the internet, streaming the show onto the television). We got our snacks ready- chips & dip- and our drinks poured- cosmos. (mmmmmmm), and put our feet up.


This is the life...

The first little bit went okay, minus the weird, Hecules-like intro the website insisted on showing. But as soon as we put on episode 2, BAM!


The next 25 minutes were very stressful, with M attempting to find an alternative website, and me cursing all things computer.

Did we mention that M has an anger problem? In fairness, she needed her Rumpelstiltskin fix.

Finally, thanks to magic of sketchy TV streaming sites, we came across a site which offered all the episodes in full! We were able to freely enjoy the filthy, metallic skin of Rumpelstiltskin; the naive, yet ferocious Snow White; and the refined black & white taste of the evil Queen.

Good really can triumph over computer evil. Maniacal Laugh.

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