Saturday, April 14, 2012

Happy Birthday to "Magic Hat"!

Posted by: M

There comes a time in life when we all need to give props to a special person in our lives.
Well, this is my moment:  Happy Birthday to Magic Hat!!! (a.k.a. K)
Cue theme song from "Shaft". Oh yeaaaaaah.
K is my partner in crime, my humor provider, my sis. So naturally, I have struggled with what birthday gift would possibly show her (and her hat) how awesome she is!

After much thinking and pondering, it finally came to me: RE-ENTER THE ENFORCER!!!

Act 1: Rid bus of all annoying backpack-wearing jerks who block the exit door.
"Be gone you punk!" *BOOF*

Act 2: Destroy any and all stress-inducing computers.
"Prepare to meet your doom, viruses!"

Act 3:  La piece de resistance!
"Let's go Mr. Quincy. No ear-phone eating tonight!"
My work here is done. Party hardy, K!

Love, M

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  1. Best. Sister. Ever.
    Thanks M :)