Wednesday, April 04, 2012

K versus the Pharmacy

Posted by K 

I'm in insurance "no-man's land" while I wait for my work coverage to kick in, which means I have to pay for my prescriptions myself.

This makes going to the pharmacy a bit of a sticky situation, as I never before realized how crazy expensive medicine is.

I used to only pay $2. I even remember getting annoyed when they split up an order and charged me $4. Ah, the good old days.


Look at me, not a care in the world, $2 prescriptions galore!

Now:  I have to be very careful how many prescriptions I hand over. It usually ends very poorly for me, and my bank account.

Sweating bullets, gingerly handing over a single prescription...BAM! $200 :(

Last night I had a new prescription to drop off, and I was extremely nerved up about what it would cost. I was even more concerned when the Pharmacist brought out a calculator to figure out the total:

I was in complete meltdown mode, with bright red face and waving fists.

I was expecting a big number, but over $1000?!?! I was freaking out! There is no way I can pay for that! After I flailed around dramatically and coughed out "Over $1000!?!? That's crazy!" , he looked me in the face, deadpan, and said:

This is after I dramatically passed out on the floor in protest.

Moral of the story? I should not be allowed to go out in public by myself. On the bright side, he's now so anxious to get me out of the pharmacy I'll never have to wait the usual 20 minutes again.

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  1. Phew. You had me canceling my big move back to Ontario for a minute!

    This was funny :)