Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Weather Denial

Posted by K

Weather denial. This is what happens when you go from 29 degrees(Celsius) one week to -13 the next. We, as a collective, refuse to recognize that the heat wave might not be coming back. Despite the fact that it lasted only a few precious days (sandwiched between freezing cold weeks) we refuse to admit that it wasn't summer coming early, but really the weather messing with us.

Take me for example; even though I know I'm going to be standing outside for at least 30 minutes waiting for the bus, so far this week I flat out refused to put on a winter jacket again.

There I was, being smugly defiant. Freezing, but also smug.

Me, my red sneakers, and my defiance.

There's a sense that even though I'm freezing, I'm still winning against the ridiculous weather. "I'm not shivering! I'm just really excited about something...that I can't remember right now."

But then I saw this guy at the bus stop:

Shorts and a Hockey jersey? It's freaking -15 out here!

And this girl:

Capris and flipflops. How do you not have hypothermia?!

And that's when it hit me. We're not winning...we're freezing. You know who's winning? The weather.

The weather is sitting somewhere, watching us freeze and laughing until it cries. Well you know what weather? I'm not playing these games any more. If you continue to be a giant jerk, I will bring out the big guns.

Magic Hat: Guaranteed to wipe the smile off weather's face.

Booya weather.


  1. SO true. Yesterday's wind was a literal slap in the face. I have wind burn today!! What is that about?!!

  2. This is TOO funny.

    Can't wait to move to the frigid north.

    You paint such a lovely picture!