Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sleep woes

Posted by M

Recently, I have been finding myself suffering from very poor sleep. So poor that if I had to choose another adjective to describe my sleep patterns, I would choose 'disastrous'. Or perhaps 'tragic'. I'm sure you catch my drift.

I had suspected stress to be the culprit, but I often feel completely relaxed & content before falling asleep and STILL wake up feeling like I never went to bed. A few days ago, I found myself googling "how to sleep well" (ok, I may have written "how to sleep good", but what do you expect from the sleep deprived?!), and following some advice from a very credible website- that's right peeps, According to them, I haven't been breaking any sacred bed habits, and thus I began to think back to the last time I had a truly good sleep...this part took awhile...

I quickly realized that the last really good sleep I had involved a very cuddly teddy bear. I would tell you how old I was, but I would probably die of embarassment, so we'll skip it. But where, oh where, would I find something to cuddle?? I burdened my parents long ago with my bear collection (don't you say a thing), and I'm one of those "need 2 pillows to be comfortable" kinda gal. Whatever was I to do??!

Enter the Darcy. Cat extroadinaire. Pen lover. Ball fetcher. All around cuddly friend (unless you have curly hair or a necklace, then you're bait). Normally Darcy is not allowed to sleep in the bedroom, because he tends to meow and wake me up, not to mention knock things off my bedside table. I've lost many a good lip gloss... But what the heck, I thought I'd give it a try.

The following is a factual recounting of the night in question. And yes, I do have a plaid comforter.

Exhibit A: 11:05 pm

That bump in the bed is my lovely, warm Darcy. I am SO smart.

Exhibit B: 3:06 am
Cat feet in the face. What the...

Exhibit C: 4:12-5:03 am
Apparently my pillow is in fact HIS pillow...

Exhibit D: 6:20 am

In case it's unclear, this is him hanging from the bed. He walked upside-down around the whole bed. Twice.
In case it's unclear, I am screaming.

Yep, I think we can all agree this was a fail. Insert sad violin music here.


  1. Laughed myself silly! You crazy girl. Reminds me of Mitsy. Those were the good days. Waiting for more posts from you!

  2. Oh my gosh I just laughed so much at the last picture...

    I probably look a little random. Sorry about that. Well, here's my story: I googled "blogger orange", and I didn't find anything. (Don't ask why I was searching for an orange blog.)

    And then I saw my friends blog, she was following you, and BAM, I had to just see what you guys were about.

    You're pretty hilarious, so you earned yourself a follow!