Friday, March 09, 2012

Stress ball

Posted by K 

At any given time there are between 5-15 things stressing me out.  Some are big things, some are little things. The important thing is to have a good balance, so that the stress never overwhelms me. I have to achieve a delicate juggling act where as long as things stay at pretty much the same anxiety level I can keep it together.

I feel like I've been dealing with my stress like a champion so far this year. Well, maybe "champion" is too strong a description, but I haven't gone psycho yet, so that's a good sign.

So colourful it's almost happy!

 ["The Ring" on my stress list is not jewelery, it's a horror movie that I accidentally watched 5 minutes of (last year) while flipping through channels. All I saw was this super creepy girl crawl out of a tv and do this disturbing crab-walk across the floor, then I changed the channel. Yet it still bothers me.What was wrong with her? Doesn't she realize a headband would do wonders to keep the hair out of her face?]

Unfortunately, every so often one of my stresses likes to test me. To see how far it can push me before I lose it. This upsets me. And the balance. But mostly me.

When something like this happens, I am forced to put aside my other issues and deal with the problem head-on, in a calm and professional manner.

I like to think that I'm setting an example for all the other stress in my life. If you make me angry I will pound you mercilessly until you are a dried up husk of your former self (metaphorically speaking).

Equilibrium restored.

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