Monday, March 05, 2012

K and the Magic Hat

I have discovered the secret. The glorious secret to having an empty seat next to me on the bus. And it doesn't involve taking the seat up with a purse and refusing to move it.

I've tried everything in the past:

1. The fake flu (cough every-time someone comes near your seat, hope they go away.)

2. The you-should-avoid-me-as-I'm-slightly-unbalanced act (muttering along with your music while starring straight ahead without blinking.)

3. The "I'm-getting-off-soon" pose (clutch your bags and stare intently out the window like you're stop is coming up.)

And nothing ever worked. Until this morning.

It was freaking freezing outside so I wore my new winter hat. Usually I take off the winter gear when I get on the bus, but today I thought "Meh, I'm cold and tired. I'm leaving it on."
I began to notice something during my long commute: no one sat next to me. The bus was probably 90% full but the seat next to me was still empty. I began analyzing what was different and the only thing I can figure is the hat:

Awesome hat = more room for me!

I have found it. The holy hat-grail of comfortable bus transportation.

It probably helps that I ride the bus with college students who would rather catch hypothermia than risk the horror of hat-head, and business people who wear "professional" winter jackets and fancy scarves.

Thinking about it, They probably find my whole winter ensemble intimidating, but the hat definitely seals the deal.

I'm ready for the freaking snow-pocalypse.

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  1. You are totally wacky. Keep it up! Your sketches seal the deal.