Thursday, March 01, 2012

100 Hours Spent Waiting : A New Milestone

Posted by K 

I have now spent 100 hours waiting. Waiting for buses, walking to and from buses, wondering why 3 scheduled buses in a row haven't shown up, that sort of thing.

In the time I've spent with buses, I could have completed 2 college credits and still had 10 hours left over to watch the entire "Pride and Prejudice" BBC series.

That. is. depressing. (Not the "Pride and Prejudice" series, the whole standing outside for 100 hours thing.) Though "Pride and Prejudice" can get a little annoying at times as well. That Wickham guy really needs to be punched.

I'd probably rant more about this, but I also have a cold, so I am tired. And sneezy. And complain-y. Can you tell?

On the bright side, I have now played 669 games of Klondike, and improved my winning average to  50%.

And I'm at $72, 392 fake ipod dollars! Still a long way from being a fake-millionaire, but I'm getting there. None of this would have been possible without the unreliability of OC Transpo. *Round of applause*

I was also forced to perfect a method for playing on my ipod without freezing my fingers off in the cold. I went for short bursts of Klondike followed by 10 minutes warming up in my coat pockets. Pretty effective.

These are life skills, people.

That's right, I made myself another award.

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