Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Plastic Hand Straps on Buses = Modern Torture Device

Posted by K 

Whoever invented the plastic hand strap was a sadist. It sits there, inviting you to hold on, promising stability... then throws you around the bus like a mechanical bull.

It may look harmless but it's actually deadly.

The straps can be moved along the metal bar, for "convenience" sake, in case you want to reposition, but what that really means is that you're one sharp turn away from getting painfully acquainted with the person standing next to you.

Painful for everyone involved.

And just because throwing you from side-to-side isn't traumatic enough, there's the forward and backward toss: backwards and you bump into the person behind you, forwards and you have a super awkward encounter with whoever happens to be sitting in the priority seats.

Awkward sauce.

I think OC Transpo needs to garner some good will and come up with a more effective way of catering to people who are forced to stand. Pretty much anything else would be better. At this point I'd agree to foot straps. Or chairs on the roof. Their choice.

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