Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Don't make me sleepy. You wouldn't like me when I'm sleepy.

I'm not sure if I updated the blog with my latest bus experience, probably I didn't because it's super depressing, but long story short, they've decreased the number of buses on my route so I now have to get up at 5am during the week to get to work on time. Yayyyyy.

Anyway, this means that my weekends have become a beacon of light in a long, ridiculously tiring week, the beautiful chance to sleep in.

However, apparently someone in my neighborhood has decided to ruin it for me by interrupting my sleep for the ENTIRE weekend. Their weapon of choice: Enrico Iglesias.

Last Weekend

Friday Night:

I realize not everyone is in bed at midnight on a Friday, but at least take your conversations indoors. Or talk at the audio level of a regular person, not like you're yelling across a football field.

Saturday Night:

Enrico Iglesias music?! And, I kid you not, these people applauded after every song.

It's. a. CD. Not a real person. He can't hear you clap for him.

I would have called the cops, except I can't remember the non-emergency number. I'm pretty sure if I called 911 to complain about Enrico Iglesias I would end up with a large fine.

Sunday Morning:

Being woken up by a loud motorcycle is a really sucky way to start a Sunday.

Hey, dude. Yeah, you working on the motorcycle at the crack of dawn every weekend. It's been over a year now and that freaking thing still doesn't work. You clearly lack the skills to fix it, so for the love of my sanity STOP WORKING ON IT!!!!

I have been inspired to come up with a new plan. One that will save the tax-payers money by not involving the police. It's brilliant. And that's not just the sleep deprivation talking.

Behold, my plan for this weekend:

Step 1, determine which house the craziness stems from:

Quincy is united in the search, as he keeps getting woken up by Iglesias.

Step 2: Sneak into the back yard and hide smelly cheese around the perimeter.

Smelly cheese = no one wants to party outside = K gets to sleep in. Mathematics for the win.

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