Thursday, August 02, 2012

Lunch judgement.

Posted by K 

Okay, I admit it. i still eat those pre-packaged lunch-things. The ones with the crackers and cheese. They're just so easy, plus, I love the Kit Kat.

I find you have to peel the rind off the meat to make it edible.

There are also surprising benefits to eating them. For example, last week I joined the "Schneider's Lunch Mates Club." It's an on-line store where you can redeem codes on the packages for prizes. I know you're probably thinking it's pathetic, but I can totally get free movies and a free song download! I'm planning on getting "Born to be Wild" to add to my ipod mix for an upcoming roadtrip. That song would have cost me at least $1 off iTunes! Now that is value.

However, not everyone shares my enthusiasm for "lunch mates." Apparently some people are offended by the fact that I'm 26 and still eating them. It's rarely said out loud, but the stares speak volumes. Even the lunchmates website judged me. When I entered my age, it asked whether I was setting up an account for a younger family member. What, 26 year olds don't enjoy free movies too?

And in case anyone thinks this is some kind of endorsement, I assure you I am NOT getting paid. Also, the meat in the set kind of sucks. I mean , kielbasa? Really?
I'm just saying, they who judgeth the luncheon of others shall not be asketh'd to attend "Expendables II" for free.

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