Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Bus-iquette tip of the week: Giant Backpack Syndrome

Posted by K

Ah, back to school; the time for loud, crazy, spirit-suckingly overloaded buses. I’m sure everyone riding the bus, like me, is wondering what crime they committed against the universe that caused karma to stick them on a bus full of inescapable noise and humanity. Axe Body Spray-covered humanity.

And I’m sure it’s no easier for the students; not only do you have to spend your last minutes of freedom crammed into a box on wheels like a sardine, but you are glared at by angry people with brief cases. 

Here’s a tip to minimize the angry glares: If you’re wearing a backpack twice your size, don’t stand at the only bus exit. I know you think that moving yourself over 2 inches when people need to get off solves everything, but when your backpack is still stuck out 3 feet behind you it doesn’t help. At all. Believe me, it’s a really unpleasant way to start the day. It shouldn’t feel like you’ve come through a game of Red Rover just to get off the bus. 

With giant backpack comes great responsibility. Or sensibility…whichever one stops people from blocking the door.

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