Sunday, September 11, 2011

Friday Night Movie Reviews: That pesky bird

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Every few Friday nights we like to escape into movies, wine and all-dressed chips. Ahh, the oh-so-perfect combination. We started this tradition by watching some chickflick classics along the lines of 'The Wedding Singer' and 'Failure to Launch', then slowly broadened our horizons to the tune of 'Leap Year'. (Yes, we are and adventurous lot.)
p.s.- We were not fans of the oh-so-promising, yet painfully dull, latter film. I mean, how can a rom-com based in Ireland not keep your interest? HUH?! Anyway, I digress...

It was that last film that made us think we were ready for something a little more...dare I say it...racy! Something a little risque, yet still accessible. For our first delve into the indie film industry, we thought "why not take it light?". A little Queen Amidala, a classic 'That 70's Show' alum, and some French actor who I've only ever seen in high-budget American movies. What could be lighter than that?! Anyway:

ENTER: THE DRAGON. Actually, it was 'Enter: the Swan'. No Bruce Lee here, I'm sorry to say.

I will eat your soul. And enjoy it.

Fast-forward to the ending scene of 'Black Swan'. There we sat. Jaws on the floor. Eyes bulging. No idea what just hit us.

Spoiler Alert: This film is not only deeply disturbing, but rivals the shock and horror of the 10 minutes of the tv show 'Hoarder's' I once sat through.

All we could do for a full 2 minutes was mouth "What?...Why?.." and laugh nervously. We then started listing off people to whom we could hand over this newly purchased gem ($10 on amazon = money poorly spent.) I should mention that no one came to mind (No matter whether you love or hate this film, NO ONE could possibly recommend it without prefacing with "Have you been missing that weirded-out, creepy feeling in your life? Well do I have a movie for you...")

Let me just say this: We knew it was going to be a rough ride. We were prepped with full wine glasses and open minds. But nothing, NOTHING, can prepare you for the victimized feeling this movie will give you. And believe me, I know I am sheltered when it comes to certain things, but I think imaginary lesbian encounters, murder (or is it suicide? Conundrum!), and human's growing swan feathers would be enough to make anyone shake their head in disbelief.

That being said, definite props to Portman and Kunis, who were simply amazing just for pulling it off. How you get through scenes like those in one piece, I have NO idea. My cap is wayyyyy off to them, Oscar nom. and win well deserved.

 Final Recommendation: Watch only if you feel Hollywood has been neglecting the "deep-psychological-problems-through-interpretive-dance"  movie genre.
Drinking is very necessary, nay obligatory. And under NO circumstances should you watch this movie alone. Unless you want to be double-checking your mirror reflection for red-eye all night. And for the love of goodness don't bite any of your hangnails during this movie. Seriously.

Up next on Friday Movie Reviews: Eat, Pray, Love or Hate. Teehee.

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