Saturday, September 24, 2011

K's Response Countdown (see left side of screen)

Posted by K

I have decided to declare war on the bus. My commute has lengthened by an average of 30 minutes, bringing my daily trip total to 3 hours. Which is good news for my bus points, but bad news for my mental health. Upon reflection, I decided I should try and maintain what little sanity I have remaining. A couple weeks ago I started sending complaints/suggestions to the bus company in the naive belief that they weren't aware that their "new schedule" wasn't being followed (i.e. 2-3 buses fail to show up in a row...every single day.)

I noticed the option to ask for a response from the company when you complain, so I requested one. 4 days ago. I'm not sure the bus company grasps the dire-ness of the situation (my head may explode if I spend another week getting hopeful every time I hear loud engines, then being crushed when it turns out to be a mattress truck instead of a bus.) So then I decided to move up the chain of command to my local councillor. So far no response either. So now I'm adding my councillor to my daily e-mail list. Enjoy.

Is it wrong to count weekends in my response wait? I think not: isn't there some sort of expression, "politics never sleeps" or something to that effect? I'm thinking next time I'll sign my letter "a voting member of your constituency". Maybe that'll garner an answer.

Note: I realize we started this blog with the intention of including non-bus related things, like crafts! I'm going to stop hi-jacking it for angry bus when I actually get a response. For reals.

UPDATE: I finally got a response from all parties involved, so I took down the "Response Countdown". For the sad but inevitable conclusion to this story, click HERE

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