Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Less than 6 bus hours until New Boots!!

Posted by K

I've almost hit the 100 hour mark! So freaking exciting! In less than a week I will walk into a shoe store, show them my old, hole-ridden boots and say "help me. For the love of goodness, help me."

And I have definitely earned new boots. In the last week alone I've been smacked and squished so much I keep finding random bruises, and I'm like "how did that happen? Oh yeah, that guy stepped on top my foot with his honking big shoes...twice." or, "Why is my arm so sore?! Oh right, I was clinging for dear life to one of those stupid rubber hand loops for over 30 minutes. That'll do it."

The world will be my boot oyster! I could choose anything! ANYTHING!
Except for these:

That is just heinous. Like an Ugg boot married a goat and had little boot children. Apologies if you own these boots, I just personally don't see the beauty. Or the functionality. Wouldn't the hairy stuff get all wet and smelly in the rain/snow?! See, these are the things I wonder about. Maybe they're ridiculously comfortable or something, I guess that would be redeeming.

Anyway, enough boot dissing, almost time for boot shopping! Wish me luck!

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